Sensors integrations

Govee H5075 & H5179

Govee H5075 and H5179 are sensors connected via Web Bluetooth Scanning API. Your browser connects directly to the sensors. They don't care whether or not you use their original app. They work best on Google Chrome on Android devices. Check browser support on https://github.com/WebBluetoothCG/web-bluetooth/blob/main/implementation-status.md#scanning-api.

Connectivity is limited due to browsers' experimental implementation of Web Bluetooth API. In order for them to work, copy
in new browser tab and enable the Chrome flag.

UbiBot sensors (WS1, WS1 Pro, GS1)

Your web browser connects to Ubibot sensors via Rest API, so you need to have an account on https://console.ubibot.com/. Create a "Read API Key" for a sensor in your Ubibot account, copy it on vpdchart.com together with the "Channel ID", when you add the sensor and you're good to go.

We heavily tested the WS1 model. Others work, too.

Tuya/Smart Life enabled sensors integration

Working on it.